Northarlington Protocols

Northarlington Animal Clinic – Standards of Care, Treatment Protocols and Client Information

We are happy to provide you with additional information on some of the most common pet care concerns:

Northarlington Animal Clinic Vaccine Protocol:

What vaccines does your pet need? We base our vaccine recommendations on a review of the individual pet’s risk factors and “life style.” Review our hospital protocol for a better understanding of our vaccine recommendations.

Storm Phobia

Fear of storms is quite common in both dogs and cats. Take our tips for helping your pets weather the storm.

Inappropriate Elimination Action Plan

Going outside the litter box is the a common feline behavior problem. Addressing the underlying causes is critical to correcting this problem. Our action plan includes a check list to help you get this successfully address this issue.

Declaw Information

Our declaw overview features all the details necessary for cat owners to make an informed decision about declawing their pets.

Surgical Standard of Care

Our pre-surgical, intraoperative and post-surgical protocols are designed to give your pet the safest possible surgical experience. Before you schedule a procedure for your pet, review our surgical protocols.